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Chels - Microstick 18500 Extender

Chels Microstick 18500 Extender

23,77 €
Aumenta la durata della tua Microstick con l'extender 18500 di Chels
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Chels Microstick 18500 Extender

MicroStick Extender allows you to use 18500 batteries in the MicroStick.


This kit contains an Extender section and 2 long screws.


To install it you simply unscrew the bottom cover of the MicroStick, insert the Extender, place the bottom cover into the Extender base and screw in the two new long screws from the kit.


The Extender is intended for the 2nd run of the MicroStick and later versions. These are MicroSticks with a serial number above #239. Please do not order this for the MicroStick of the 1st run.


The Extender does not work with a Kick. The Kick requires a side contact with negative pole, which is available in the most tube mods, but not in the MicroStick. The MicroStick battery hole has isolated sides.