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Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark DNA 40

Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark DNA 40

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Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark DNA 40
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Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark DNA 40


The ergonomic design and impressive performance of Vapor Flask have made this unique mod a favorite amongst vapers. Now Vapor Flask and Vapor Shark have worked together to redesign this mod from the ground up. We are very proud to present Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark! In typical Vapor Shark fashion, new and innovative features have been added to take this dual battery mod to the next level. Improved features include a large screen with dimmable idle screen capabilities. The new rubberized finish adds a modern look and comfortable feel. Additionally, the days of waiting hours upon hours for your device to charge are over. Zip Charging has been added to decrease charging time by a whopping 350%. Vapor Flask by Vapor Shark is innovation at its finest. When two industry leaders come together the result is nothing short of amazing.


Note: We recommend you use LG 18650 batteries for your vapor flask. Some other 18650 batteries may have a thicker casing causing the battery to get stuck inside the device. This is not covered under our warranty.




Oxidized Matte Black

Rubberized Finish

Zip Charging

Requires two 18650 batteries to operate (Not Included)

Constructed from Solid 6061 Aluminum

Variable Wattage Device

Stainless Steel 510 Connector

Custom Milled Aluminum Buttons

Micro USB Charger

Pass-Through Capability

Ergonomic Design

Top Mounted OLED Display

22mm Profile


Evolv DNA 40 Specifications


Power Regulated Digital Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter

Wattage Control

Temperature Protection


Step Up/Step Down Topology

Digital User Controls

Synchronous Rectification for Maximum Battery Life and Minimal Heat Generation

Output Power: 1 - 40 Watts

Output Voltage: 1 - 9.0 Volts

Output Current: 16.0 Amps Max

Atomizer Resistance, Standard Wire: 0.16 Ohm Min (0.7 Ohm Typical) up to 2.0 Ohms Max

Atomizer Resistance, Temperature Sensing Wire, Cold: 0.10 Ohm Min (0.4 Ohm Typical) up to 1.0 Ohm Max

Input Voltage: 3.1 - 4.3 Volts

Input Current: 0.5 - 16 Amps


Disclaimer: Advanced products are for experienced vape enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of how electronic devices work along with access to the appropriate safety tools. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the atomizer, device, or yourself.