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-20% Avid Lyfe - Able Mod Copper

Avid Lyfe Able Mod Copper

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Avid Lyfe Able Mod Copper
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Avid Lyfe - Able Mod Copper


Copper Able Competition Mod Copper by Avid Lyfe

Avid Lyfe brings you the Copper Able Competition Mod made of 110 Oxygen free Copper, the newest and one of the most coveted mods on the market. The Copper Able Competition Mod is the newest hard hitting mechanical mod from Avid Lyfe, additionally providing you the convenience of customization with interchangeable sleeves. The Copper Able Competition Mod doesn't require any small delrin adjustments; none are necessary as there is no battery rattle! Every atomizer sits flush atop the uniquie "Top Hat" design, designed specifically to help heat dissipation with "Quick-Start" thread technology. The Copper Able Competition Mod is built with thick walls, adding to the durability and electrical conductivity of the mod. 


24mm diameter

110 Oxygen free Copper

Copper hybrid "top hat" cap for direct connection between your atomizer and battery

18650 (only) tube for interchangeable sleeves for customized looks

Comes with 1 matte carbon fiber sleeve

Adjustable copper bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets

This is a competition sporting item- made to be used ONLY for competitions. This item is intended for zero (0) nicotine.