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Vapers Choice Cotton - 36

Vapers Choice Cotton 36

7,30 €

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Vapers Choice Cotton 36

Cotton Vapers Choice Cotton 36

100% Supima Cotton before VCC's "Purification Process." the way we receive it. One of the most expensive types of cotton there is. Contains small percentage of wax, proteins, and plant material that make it non-absorbent. 

100% Supima Cotton after VCC's Pat.Pend "Purification Process". The wax, proteins, and plant material are what give Vapers the "Bad Taste", have been removed. VCC's "Purification Process" transforms Supima into the Most Absorbent, Highest Heat Resistant, and most of all Purest Tasting Cotton. Supima can not be found in this form anywhere except from VCC.

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