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Odis Collection - O-Genny Fill Hole Plugs

Odis Collection O-Genny Fill Hole Plugs

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Castomizza il tuo O-Genny con i Fill Hole Plugs di Odis Collection

Odis Collection O-Genny Fill Hole Plugs

After the design of the O-Genny became a reality, the idea of customization on a level to that of the O-Atty was further explored. There are quite a few options when it comes to the O-Atty top caps, so the optional ultem fill hole plugs were created in order to accommodate their use on the O-Genny instead. This plug has two roles once installed – it will first become the new fill hole plugs which won’t be present without the two piece stock cap, but they will also fill in the gaps that would be present between the air holes on the accessory caps and the towers on the build deck. This is a great addition to personalize your O-Genny.