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Ataman V3 by Titanium Mods

Ataman V3 by Titanium Mods

106,56 €
Atomizzatore MTL Ataman 3 realizzato in Titanio dal modder Ukraino Titanium Mods, che riconferma il successo della precedente versione Ataman v2
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Ataman V3 by Titanium Mods

ATTENZIONE: L'atomizzatore è fornito dal modder in una bustina con zip all'interno di una semplice imbottitura, non è prevista nessuna confezione e non comprende nessun DripTip.

Il prodotto è lubrificato con primer ed è necessario lavarlo prima di utilizzarlo.



You will most likely need to cut your nicotine level!
Easy to use: fast setup with your hands, fully repairable even the 510 connection.
Drip tip: accepts all kinds of drip tips.
This atomizer produces strong throat hit! Most people who already own and use it have reported lowering their nicotine level due to stronger throat hit compared to other atomizers. 
Placement of the resistance wire will determine the amount of vapor production and throat hit of this device. By placing resistance wire lower (closer to the air vent) you will achieve more vapor with a good, strong throat hit. Higher placement of the resistance wire (further from the air vent) will decrease amount of vapor and increase throat hit to extreme!

What’s new:
• Bigger air holes that result in more vapor
• Automatic e-juice delivery to the chamber
• Wick stays always saturated which increases flavor
• No more extraneous sounds when drawing
• E-juice does not accidentally spill into chamber
• No spills through air holes
• Easy refill procedure leaves your hands dry and clean
• Bigger distance between the poles allows you to use bigger diameter wire
• E-juice capacity is increased to 4 ml.

Technical data:

Diameter:22 mm.
Height (without connector and drip tip): 47mm. 
visually perceived part -41 mm.
the volume –4 ml.

Weight: 39 gr.




Fornito senza Drip Tip


Il prodotto è fornito lubrificato da Primer, necessita di un lavaggio prima dell'utilizzo!